Welcome to Homes of Johns Creek. Finest living in Georgia.

Welcome to www.HomesofJohnsCreek.com! Although the city of Johns Creek is just over 8 years old, Johns Creek is never the less a well-established community. Shaped out of the historical farming communities of Newtown, Shakerag, Ocee and Warsaw, Georgia’s 10th largest city is a community that embraces the small-town roots as the foundation for shaping the future. At heart Johns Creek, is a family oriented community with some of the finest public and private schools in the country. In fact, Johns Creek was named one of “America’s Top 25 places to Live to Go to School” by RelocateAmerica. Most recently a Bizjournals study proclaimed Johns Creek to be the wealthiest city in Georiga and the 95th wealhtiest in the nation. But while this study looked at variables such as income levels, home sizes and values, and educational attainment, our real wealth lays in the many attributes the City offers.

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