Investment Sales

Johns Creek Realty Partners believes there is a clear investment strategy required to generate maximum and stable returns from a cash flow investment property. Each investment property is specifically chosen to help leverage different aspects of an investment portfolio in addition to providing consistent, positive cash flow income.

James works with their investors to select investment property based on this portfolio outline, and then will use it to build out their real estate investment strategy for future property investment purchases.

Like more traditional asset classes, single family real estate has trends, characteristics, and subtle nuances that influence each individual investment property.

James believes there are three distinct single family real estate categories for the North Atlanta metro area, each of which helps create a stable, properly leveraged real estate portfolio: Cash Flow, Equity Appreciation, and Quality Plays.

Combining these three strategies allows an investor to capitalize on each market segment’s benefits while leveraging the portfolio’s risks associated with vacancy, maintenance, market fluctuations, and liquidity.

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